Photo via Joyride website


The Design Fabrication Zone at Ryerson University has been busy incubating promising startups by fostering growth through access to resources and valuable mentorship. One of their best and brightest is a “Built for BikeShare” venture working towards fostering smart cities of the future: Joyride Technologies.

Joyride is a cycling technology that has the ability to improve security for bicycle sharing economies and change how we interact with our two wheeled transportation. If your bike has been stolen, a common occurrence in urban centres like Toronto, Joyride users can quickly and effectively track their bikes or manage bike sharing communities.

Joyride’s service technology takes its roots in tracking and analytics for smart cities. They utilize public Wi-Fi to monitor, track, and protect bike sharing programs by fostering a framework that brings safety and support to the emerging sharing economy.

In terms of smart-city planning, Joyride can provide valuable data to city planners and community advocates, providing insight on cyclist routes to build sustainable infrastructure that caters to the users. This valuable information will help promote the health and well being of the future smart city and all of it’s inhabitants.

The scope of Joyride Technologies is much larger than addressing the problem of  bicycle theft in city centres– It has the potential to create a voice for sustainable transportation and influence the future of transportation infrastructure world-wide. TEDxRyersonU wishes the DFZ and Joyride technologies all the best in their bright future!


Joyride has been incubating at the DFZ since May. They have just gone off to Startupbootcamp in London England to complete their Connected Devices Accelerator Program after which time they will return to the DFZ.

Article by Aya Ladki