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Ryerson’s Social Ventures Zone has been accelerating a variety of startups with a passion for social justice. Their budding venture, Ulula, is no exception.

Throughout the history of capitalism, companies have been known to exploit developing nations for their low-cost labour and raw materials, delivering low-standard treatment and poor working conditions for international labourers to increase profits. Unfortunately, due to the work of snake oil salesmen and marketing departments, the average consumer was unaware that they were supporting poor business practices in regions much less fortunate. Now, with company information becoming more accessible, and transparency becoming more valued, buyers are becoming socially conscious about their purchases, opting for fair trade, local, and the like.

This is why Ulula is changing the game- exposing the once hidden supply chain and transforming it into a business asset companies can feel proud of. They make it their mission to encourage fair representation in social justice issues surrounding supply chain operations-creating positive and equitable working conditions. In turn, companies can feel good about rectifying issues in their supply chain operations, while improving customer retention and loyalty.

As consumers become exceedingly brand conscious, b2b services offered by social justice organizations, like Ulula, will be an asset to companies competing in the global marketplace. By offering guidance and ethical support throughout supply chains, Ulula helps international workers, suppliers, and governments prosper, all while improving company reputations and helping consumers make smarter purchasing decisions.

Their holistic approach to social justice benefits the entire organizational ecosystem. We hope to see more organizations tackling social issues head on, advocating for an ethical and sustainable global economy.

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Article by Aya Ladki  


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