Nothing is ever really dead. It’s common to hear someone say an industry is dead because of digital advancements and new ideas. However, to those who say that a medium is dead, they are clearly mistaken. Trends can make a comeback and minds can evolve. In our fast paced society, things transition, change, and adjust to fit our needs, rather than disappear completely.

What’s frustrating about this mindset is how easily people give up. Trends can learn to evolve just as humans learn and grow everyday. Popular trends and activities don’t go away forever, they change formats to appeal to our current generation. Mixtapes went from cassette tapes to burning CDs. Modern vintage is a throwback to the ‘60s. Trends can move on, yet still remain present. Furthermore, printed products like newspapers aren’t considered dead, it’s just transitioning from print to digital because it’s more viable. While it won’t be referred to as a physical newspaper anymore, journalism will continue to live because it’s ubiquitous. Although these new inventions and technology are changing the game of the industry, their purpose still remains. Think of how television and film continue to survive in a time of YouTube and Vine. When television became a popular new format in the 1950s, the film industry feared that people would no longer watch films or go to the cinema, but 50 years later, we still continue to watch both. Television didn’t push the film industry to its death, it expanded the format instead. Whether it’s at home or at the theatre, watching movies is something that hasn’t died out on us.

Even television shows aren’t dead for good. When something is beloved by enough people, there’s always a way to rescue it. In the traditional ways of television, executives hold the power over what should be kept and what needs to go. Ratings were a key component to keeping something on air, but now with streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and On Demand, anyone can keep entertainment airing. It’s just not on major networks anymore. There are now more television programs than ever imaginable, because we’ve learned to adapt to new formats. New changes aren’t always a bad thing, oftentimes they’re improvements. Rather than resisting them, we should learn to embrace the changes made.  

Trends can be reincarnated, movies can be rebooted and entertainment can be adapted for the new world. While there are losses to every new change, we gain something else out of it. We need to be open up to the idea that anything can live. It’s possible to keep something alive if we learn to accept new ideas. It doesn’t mean we can’t keep the things we’ve always known, but it means new ideas and changes are a beginning for the things we’ll come to love.