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Salon Event

What is a TEDxRyersonU Salon Event?

A Salon event is a more intimate TEDx event. Capped at an audience of 100 delegates, all attendees will be able to interact with the guests and speakers to discuss the ideas presented and look at the theme from different prespectives.


We've all seen it. Whether it's within ourselves, within our communities, or embedded into society. It's been given many names and it has appeared in many forms. Limits surround our entire beings, placing a restrictive cap on our bounty, self-worth and potential gains as a society. In this first TEDxRyersonU event, we will be exploring Limits in all their forms. The first step to breaking Limits is to identity them, and that is what we hope to accomplish through captivating TED talks in an intimate and thought-provoking atmosphere.

November 16th, 2017
Mattamy Athletic Centre Alumni Lounge

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When it comes to shattering limits, the first step is often identifying them. It has been debated time and time again as to which action is more strenuous; acknowledging your limits or breaking them. In our second TEDxRyersonU event, we shall build off of pinpointing inner and outer Limits and focus deeply on the actions needed to Shatter them. Tantalizing TED talks will inspire, empower and grant attendees the ability to push their boundaries, all while being immersed in a stimulating and close-knit environment.

TBD - March 2018