The Past Revisited

Missed one? Here you’ll find full playlists of all our past conferences. Take a look at the fantastic ideas that Ryerson University has to offer.

Inspiring Your Future

We gathered creative and innovative speakers from our community, including students, faculty and alumni from all fields and industries. At TEDxRyersonU, they inspired the diverse attendee populace and spread ideas that might very well have the ability to change our lives. The event showcased the talent that Ryerson has nurtured and produced, giving our diverse group of attendees a chance to expand their knowledge of developments in different areas beyond just their own.


Sheldon Levy
President at Ryerson University
Jeff Perera
Community Engagement Manager for the White Ribbon Campaign
Kate Grisdale
IID Series Leader
Stephen Dunn
Peter Nowak
Andrea Belvedere
Senior Associate at PwC
David Brame
Professor & comic book artist
Abbey Fitzpatrick
Food & Nutrition Media Expert, Registered Dietitian, Owner of Abbey's Kitchen Inc.
Helen Henderson
Former Toronto Star journalist & disabilities advocate
Hecham Ghazal
Founder/CEO at SnipReel
Hossein Rahnama
Founder/CEO of Flybits
Shantae Johns
Student Speaker

Think Forward

This year, we want our community to think about the future. It’s time to stop thinking within the confinements of old rules, and see the incredible results that can be accomplished by thinking with new discoveries and thinking without rules, or as we’d like call it: Think Forward.


Ivan Joseph
Director of Athletics at Ryerson University
Alan Shepard
President of Concordia University
Sean Wise
Professor; Investor; Entrepreneur; Host of The Naked Entrepreneur
Mary Donohue
Mentoring System Designer
Ramona Pringle
Assistant Professor at Ryerson University
Alexandra Fox
Junior Fellow 2011 - Ghana Engineers Without Borders Canada
James Smith
Assistant Professor at Ryerson University
Julie Rochefort
Advocate; Researcher; Health at Every Size (HAES) Community Dietitian
Sheldon Levy
President at Ryerson University
Evgeny Tchebotarev
Co-Founder & Chief Photography Officer at 500px
Adrian Bulzacki
Founder/CEO of ARB Labs Inc
Gwen Elliot
Producer of The Naked Entrepreneur
Josh Louie
Student Speaker


TEDxRyersonU celebrates those who have grasped an abstract idea and transformed it into a tangible reality. This year, we went beyond ideation, brainstorming and conceptualization. Our goal was to showcase those who have defied the odds and brought their ideas and dreams to life, with the help of passion and perspiration.


Tony Conte
Director of the Office of the Vice Provost Students at Ryerson University
Namugenyi Kiwanuka
Columnist for the BBC's Focus on Africa Magazine
Arne Kislenko
Associate Professor; Undergraduate Programme Director at Ryerson University
Vincent Hui
Robert McKenzie
Digital Media Producer at York University
Darrell Bowden
Education and Awareness Coordinator at Ryerson University
Sid Naidu
Photographer & Curator
Mitchell Kosny
Associate Director and Professor
Rob Heydari
Associate Producer / Resource Specialist at CBC Radio Canada
George Smitherman
Politician; Broadcaster
Andreas Souvaliotis
Founder of Green Rewards & AIR MILES for Social Change
Daryl D'Souza
Co-owner of Lou Dawg's; Marketing Instructor for the G. Raymond Chang School
Teriano Lesancha
Founder of Supa Maasai
Jolene Funk
Ontario Ambassador for the Canadian Federation of Engineering Students

361 Degrees: A New Angle

361 Degrees: A New Angle is about that point at which passion and inspiration conspire to lead us in a direction new to us in search of innovative solutions to age-old problems. In this theme, TEDxRyersonU 2013 aims to challenge your perceptions, providing new and dynamic ways in which we can all interact with ideas that are actively changing the world around us.


Alexander Ferworn
Professor, Graduate Director
Bala Venkatesh
Professor, Academic Director Centre of Urban Energy
Stephen Murphy
Dean of Ted Rogers School of Management
Grahame Lynch
Associate Professor, Fashion Communications Program Director
Jennifer Poole
Associate Professor
Ayyyna Budaeva
Marketing Director of Fashion Zone / Student Speaker
Michelle J Kwan
Nutrition Professional / Student Speaker


Human action, invention, and creation is far more than the end result. It is a symphony of speculative melodies, set against the harmony of established truths. But the most important part of any symphony is the echo it leaves behind: the strongest traces of the past that clashed with the present, alters the future, and demonstrates the incredible complexity of the idea as a catalyst that reverberates forever.


Frauke Zeller
Roboticist; Professor
Cammi Pham
Blogger; Digital Media Strategist
Kevin Shaw
Founder of Zagga Entertainment
Pamela Palmater
Professor; Lawyer Specializing in Aboriginal Governance
Remy Huberdeau
Documentary Filmmaker
Vicki Saunders
Entrepreneur; CEO of SheO
Gizelle Lao
Student Speaker


American neuroscientist Gregory Berns defines the word “iconoclast”  as “ a person who does something that others say can’t be done”. Although the word’s etymology hints at a more sinister and destructive past, its definition has since morphed into something simple and clear: one that is brave enough to question and challenge orthodox beliefs. Over the past 100 years, daredevils and risk takers from varying fields have changed the world with radical ideas. From Elon Musk, who aims to make space travel accessible to everyone, to Rosa Parks, whose defiant behaviour on a bus brought the Civil Rights movement to the forefront. TEDxRyersonU is here to present the ideas at Ryerson University that confront long-standing traditions!


Adrian Bica
Master of Architecture Student; Graduate TA at Ryerson University; Instructor at George Brown & Sheridan College
Alex Gill
Principal at Mendicant Group; Executive Director at Ontario Environment Industry Association (ONEIA)
Betty Chen
Architectural Technologist at Quadrangle Architects; YouTube Art Blogger
Hamza Khan
Digital Community Facilitator at Ryerson University; Instructor at Seneca College; Founder of Splash Effects
Imogen Coe
Dean of the Faculty of Science at Ryerson University
Jeremy Joo
Fashion Design Student
Joshna Maharaj
Assistant Director of Food Services and Executive Chef for Ryerson Food Services
Kait Asquini
‎Leadership Development Facilitator at Ryerson University
Pascal Murphy
Chang School Instructor; Co-Founder of Neighbours United for Inclusion; Co-Founder of Peace Flag House
Stéphanie Walsh Matthews
Program Director of Arts & Contemporary Studies at Ryerson University