If you’re on campus this week, you might see a lot of anxious looking students with their faces hovering over their laptops looking like this:

Or like this….


Or even this.


When you’re running on fumes, thinking about all the other places you would rather be… we want to remind you of one thing.




Don’t fret! You’re almost there. The TEDxRyersonU team has you covered with our Top 10 foolproof ways to destress over exam season.



1. Drink tons of water.

While many of us prefer our liquid in coffee form, just remember to fill up on the good stuff. It’ll help with digestion, cognitive functioning, and energy levels.



2. Go sweat it out at the MAC

Ryerson’s Gym Facilities are free for all students! Moving around will improve flexibility, and energy while releasing endorphins that battle exam blues. Take some time out, put on your headphones, and move. your. body. -Guaranteed stress reliever.




3. Puppy Cuddles with RU therapy dogs

Research has shown that animals provide substantial stress relief. That is why the SLC brings in therapy dogs to rescue us- and we love it! (thank god for puppy love) Wednesdays @ the Launch Zone from 12-1pm




4. Eat Clean!

Grabbing a slice of pizza or stuffing yourself with timbits may seem like a great idea in a time pinch, but these foods are bonafide energy zappers. Opt for brain foods like salmon, leafy greens, almonds, whole grains, blueberries, and broccoli . tasty, healthy, brainy, do it.




5.Take it in strides!

You aren’t doing yourself any favours trying to finish an essay or study in one evening.  When your eyes are glazing over, look away! Start early and give your ideas some time to develop. Fresh eyes will do that assignment wonders.




6. Do Yoga

Yoga. You either love it or you hate it-  but it’s a great way to relieve tension even when you’re at your desk (so don’t knock it till you’ve tried it.)



7. Connect with your pals

Don’t forget to laugh and spend time with friends and family ! Even if it is about your impending doom..




8. Watch a TED talk

Feeling guilty about procrastinating? If you aren’t feeling studying then watch a TEDTalk! Find one related to your next exam for guilt free lounging. Science? Math? Arts? Digital Media? Social Justice? You can be sure to something entertaining AND educational for everyone.




9. Plan your attack 

Make a schedule and stick to it! Knowing when your upcoming assignments and exams are due and what needs to be done by that time is half the stress battle. Staying organized will make things MUCH easier.




10. Most importantly.. Relax!

You’ve worked hard all year and you’re in the final stretch- but that doesn’t mean you need to burn yourself out. Give yourself some time in the day to take a break and do something for yourself. It relieves stress, keeps you happy, and helps you practice work-life balance.

giphy-14So stay calm! You’re almost done and we know you can do it. Using a few of these helpful tips will get you through to christmas break in no time 🙂